June 18, 2007

Words Besides "Fire" That I Have Discovered You Also Cannot Yell In A Crowded Theater

1. "Flames!"

2. "I have a bomb strapped to my body, and I will blow it up if this movie drops below fifty miles per hour!"

3. "Godzilla!" (Crowded Japanese theater only)

4. "Hey, there are little bits of vomit in this popcorn!"

5. "Choking cloud of poisonous gas!"

6. "Jar Jar Binks!"

7. "Movie!" (Crowded fire station only)

8. "Has anyone seen my underwear?"

9. "Oh! I know this part! She gets killed in about thirty seconds, and the killer turns out to be her long-lost father!"

10. "Hot fucking shit damn!" (G movies only)

11. "Man! That's a big snake!"

12. "Has everyone seen my underwear?"

13. "Rewind!"

14. "See? No point in leaving the movie to go to the bathroom; the pee runs right down the slope!"

15. "Wow! There's lots of popcorn in my vomit!"


ShOI said...

16. Has anyone seen my vomit?

Unknown said...

17. Has everyone seen my vomit?

18. Boo! (crowded horror movie only)

19. Hey look, Underwear!

Deeb said...

20. Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud!