June 12, 2007

These Are Almost Words (Plus Definitions)

Instructions: Change one letter, make a new word, give it a definition.

1. Sobjective - that which makes you cry is open to personal interpretation

2. Immanity - to be inoculated against males

3. Turdulence - shaky shit

4. Daydread - a daytime, awake nightmare

5. Popufar - to be liked from a distance, and only from a distance

6. Hideo - an awful short film, especially those on the internet

7. Impostible - highly resistant to biodegrading through natural processes

8. Somnobent - to sleep curled up (in a fetal or similar) position

9. Steeze - to attempt to sneeze silently

10. Bress - a dress designed to highlight a woman's cleavage

11. Sland - to stand a slight angle

1 comment:

ShOI said...

12. Pyrokleptonarconecrophilia - the tendency to fall asleep while setting fire to the dead body you stole from the morgue to have sex with.