June 18, 2007

Three Extremely Short Stories All Ending With Sex

1. Lady Moncrief-Verrano, besot with rage and turpentine, tossed aside her inhibitions and laid into the Duke. The Duke, a man of means and mean girth, attempted to fight the whirl of petticoats, but quickly tumbled and struck his head on the wrought-iron balustrade. So spilt the blood from his head, that onlookers quickly realized they had just witnessed the end of the House of Essex.

2. A crude child of six smashed his sister's sax. Sneaking up in her sox, she caught the miscreant. He screamed, "This sux! 'Cause I heard Mommy yelling at Daddy 'No more sex!'"

3. A group of praying mantids sailed for the New World. A dispute broke out concerning whether they should more properly pray for favorable breezes or accurate navigation. The argument dragged on for weeks splitting even husbands and wives. As a result, the group bissected in sects of wind and sextant insects.

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