June 3, 2007

Smurfs That You Never Smurfed about on the TV Show

1. Stabby Smurf

2. Greeny Smurf (Just like a regular smurf except green, but the smurf - a singular noun when referring to the genus as a whole - are quite reactionary colorists, as evidenced by their fiercely monomaniacal "True Blue" community festivals and parades. There is good evidence, however, to show that Greeny's unconventional hue may simply be an untreated case of jaundice.)

3. Ennui Smurf

4. Chesty Smurf (Originally good friends, but now kept in confinement by the politically well-connected, strictly A-cup Smurfette when she realized that Chesty was, for two very good reasons, attracting most of the male attention in the village.)

5. Dyslexic Smruf

6. Diversity Smurf (A federally-mandated resident of the village, this dark-blue smurf faces hostility wherever he goes; although, on the surface, everyone appears to like and accept him.)

7. Vomity Smurf

8. Dopey Smurf (Currently serving eight years on possession with intent to sell a schedule 1 controlled substance. It was his second offense.)

9. Gasbaggy Smurf (This arch-conservative smurf clouds Smurfcity’s airwaves day and night with his recycled brand of irrational, hate-filled patter.)

10. Virusy Smurf

11. Renaissancey Smurf (While first held in high esteem by the other smurfs, Renaissancey has since been cast out by intolerant smurf social structures which stubbornly limit each smurf to one personal trait for which to be known and, indeed, named. Renaissancey, a consumate polymath, excelled at everything: smarter (and less boastful) than Brainy, more technically adept than Handy, as strong as Hefty, possessing the green thumb of Farmer, capable of eating more than Greedy, and gifted with a more-varied and mature sense of humor than Jokey. It's easy to see why a smurf society enthralled with conformity exiled this prodigy.)

12. Smurfy Smurf (Just too “meta” for most smurfs to wrap their minds around.)

13. Homelessy Smurf (AKA Bummy, Poverty, or Indigenty Smurf - it doesn't matter what you call them, they are, in most respects, the Nameless Ones. Though they represent almost 5% of the smurf population, you wouldn't know that because Papa Smurf's goon squads frequently clean the streets in advance of Smurfcity’s bids on lucrative conventions or tourist events.)

14. SILFy Smurf (Another female smurf that Smurfette, out of jealousy, has had silenced.)

15. Molesty Smurf (Not to be confused with Handy Smurf.)

16. Rashy Smurf

17. Obesity Smurf (Not federally-mandated like Diversity, but Obesity is treated the same way.)

18. Shitty Smurf

19. Smurfivorey Smurf (Once, literally, wore another smurf’s face to avoid capture.)

20. Ecstasy Smurf (A bit too much a character to be allowed screen time on the television show, Ecstasy, along with Salamy and Sodomy Smurf, are actually quite popular on the burgeoning Smurfcity club scene.)

21. Drinky-Drinky Smurf

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