June 1, 2007

Mollusks I'd Like to Get to Know Better

1. The Cuttlefish - Closely related to the squid, but with shorter tentacles. Cuttlefish generally have a lot of disposable income and know how to get you into the most exclusive parties.

2. The Limpet - Don't let it's name fool you; known for its mastery of many forms of martial arts, the limpet is the consumate partner for cruising the streets at night. Plus, its asshole is on the top of its head! Woo-hoo!

3. The Octopus - Closely related to the platypus, the octopus has been known to have almost eight legs, which it can cleverly also use as almost eight arms. As a result, the octopus can type up to 750 words per minute. Also, they give great reach-arounds.

4. The Yellow Nudibranch - This down-on-its-luck mollusk supplements its income by stripping at night. Hard-bitten by life, but willing to speak its mind, this is one very sexy algae eater!

5. The Giant Clam - Originally spending its time almost exclusively with male marine biologists, the giant clam rocked the mollusk community in 1997 by coming out as a bivalve. Its dating calendar has been filled ever since.

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