June 5, 2007

Are You a Poophead? Take This Simple Test and Find Out!

1. I have a male child under the age of 10. (T/F)

2. I do not allow my male child under the age of 10 to do whatever he wants. (T/F)

3. I have fecal matter somewhere on my body above my neck. (T/F)

Scoring: 1 point for each "True", 0 points for each "False"

0 points - You are not a Poophead. Your life is blissfully free of any allegations of Poopheadedness. Please note: It is still possible, however, for you to be a shithead. Be careful.

1 point - You are drifting into Poopheadland. Keep your wits about you and deftly dodge all accusations with witty retorts like: "Nice" or "Go to bed". If all else fails, try "Whatever".

2 points - You are a Poophead. You do have redeeming qualities, but being a parent is not one of them. There is little hope for your rescue; try locking the little twerp in a closet or something.

3 points - All Hail King Poophead! It is glorious and shameful to walk in your presence, oh great one! You positively and negatively reek of turds, and the smell is most definitely emanating from your head. From here on out, life can only get better. Please, if you get a moment, take a shower or something... Poophead.

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