June 29, 2007

Other Things Barry Bonds Has Used To Help Him Break Hank Aaron's Home Run Recod

1. Quantum physics

2. Harry Potter's magic wand (see here for who else has used Harry's wand lately)

3. His evil twin's evil twin

4. The power of positive thinking

5. His other "club"

6. A super-secret super computer

7. Vaguely-demonic flying monkeys

8. A pleasing musk scent

9. Federal home run regulations

10. Mass hallucinations

11. Good oral hygiene

12. Rising thermals

13. The U.S. Navy

14. Shape-shifting Jesus

15. A brutal campaign of torture and emotional intimidation

16. International home run sharing credits with home run exporting nations

17. A cute little dragon named Shubby

18. The Shit

19. The international accounting firm of Price Waterhouse Coopers

20. Outright lies

21. A cadre of highly-paid attorneys

22. Shinola

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