June 17, 2007

Street Signs of the Apocalypse

1. Caution: Apocalypse Crossing

2. Yield for Apocalypse

3. Watch Out for Falling Rocks and Apocalypses

4. Cross-Apocalypses Do Not Stop

5. Apocalypse Limit 55

6. Slow: Apocalypse Ahead

7. Carpool / High-Apocalypse Vehicle Lane

8. Do Not Pass Apocalypse

9. Four-Way Apocalypse

10. Ultimate Toll Booth Ahead: Prepare to Stop; Prepare to Pay

11. Move Over for Merging Apocalypse

12. Exit Here for Apocalypse


Deeb said...

Aww, I was hoping for something more in the vein of "Muties Ahead" "Horsemen Crossing" or "Watch For Falling Brimstone". But if you insist, here are a few of my brain-spawn:

13. No Parking 8AM-Apocalypse
14. Apocalypse Turn Only
15. Adopt A Highway: Northfield Apocalypse Society

Back to my original idea, briefly:
Thunderdome Next Left

Brendon Etter said...

Okay, David, your number 13 is fricking awesome.

Wish I'd thought of that.

Also: "Slow: Apocalypse Playing" and "Apocalypse 5 Miles"

Unknown said...

I'm suprised noones mentioned this but

16. Stop! Apocalypse.

17. Warning: Apocalypse out ahead.

18. Apocalypse may be slippery.

19. Apocalypse limit:
45 ApH.