June 23, 2007

New Basketball Rule Suggestions

1. Average height of five people on the floor not to exceed six feet for men, five and a half for women. (For example, a men's team playing four seven-footers at once would have to have their remaining on-court player measure not more than two feet tall.)

2. Slam dunks now only worth only one point.

3. Baskets have slow-moving, mini-golf-style windmill mounted on the backboard in such a way that the windmill blades pass in front of the rim as they rotate.

4. Shots made from beyond the other team's free-throw line are worth thirty points.

5. Steals are worth one point.

6. No more free throws. Fouls simply result in your team losing one point. Negative total and individual scoring is allowed. (For example, a player who makes one three-pointer but fouls out would finish the game with -2 points.)

7. Kicking the ball is now allowed.

8. Jump ball replaced with toss-up trivia question. Winning team gets possession of the ball.

9. Full-court press only allowed after all other, less severe, defenses have been exhausted.

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