June 15, 2007

The Walleye Of Passion and Other Oddly-Titled Romance Novels

1. The Walleye Of Passion

2. The Broken Wind: Remembrance Of Passed Gas Past

3. Blown Up: A Zero Gravity Love Story

4. Rome Ants: A Romance

5. Heave Ho: The Bosomy Wench

6. Eye Dew: Crying For Marriage

7. Typographical Eros

8. Love In An Emulator: To All The Girls I've Inflated Before

9. Ripped, Shirtless And Hung: Attorneys At Love

10. Love Size Love Sighs

11. Rend My Frilly Blouse And I Will Tilt My Head Back Against Your Smooth Hard Chest And Let My Mouth Hang Slack For An Eternity You Stupid Stupid Man

12. On Top Of The Mountain Man: A Climb Axe Climax

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