June 1, 2007

Words That, Unfortunately, Still Make Me Snicker

1. Succor

2. Rammstein (Not that they don't rock, like, Germanically and all, but, dude, "Rammstein"? Come on; that just calls out for ceaseless snickering.)

3. Cuckold

4. Uranus

5. Diction (But, oddly, not "dictionary". Weird, I know.)

6. Peonies

7. The

8. Homoerectus

9. Miasma

10. Pianist

11. Titillate

12. Picasso (But maybe I'm mispronouncing it?)

13. Seamen

14. Cocky

15. Cunty

16. Assess

17. Rectitude (This one actually makes me guffaw.)

18. Analyst

19. Fallacy

20. George W. Bush (All three words together, in that order)

21. Guffaw

22. Pushy


Jessica said...


Brendon Etter said...

Yeah... "The" is one silly, dirty little word... I mean, think about it: it gets used with phrases like "THE people having THE sex"!!!


(Pardon me; I'm snickering again.)