June 21, 2007

Alternatives to Days of Wine and Roses

1. Weeks of Kool-Aid and Carnations

2. Minutes of Diet Coke and Lillies

3. Fortnights of Phlegm and Phlox

4. Months of Vodka and Crabgrass

5. Hours of Milk and Posies

6. Time of Beer and Ferns

7. Eons of Pee and Peonies

8. Years of Tequila Shooters and Deforestation

9. Centuries of Cocoa and Chrysanthemums

10. Ages of Cream and Chukka Chukka

11. Decades of Soda and Goldenrod

12. Days of Ros├ęs and Roses

13. Instances of Blood and Larkspur

14. Millennia of Nog and Buttercups

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