June 6, 2007

Types of Days You Could Have Besides a Bad Hair Day

1. Naughty Butt Day (not to be confused with a Nasty Ass Day)

2. Petulant Elbow Day

3. Suspicious Eyebrow Day

4. Bemused Thigh Day

5. Optimistic Neck Day

6. Derelict Hip Day

7. Freaky Toe Day

8. Mad Penis Day

9. Nonplussed Kidney Day

10. Fatalistic Groin Day

11. Obfuscating Uvula Day

12. Happy Knee Day

13. Languishing Lip Day

14. Aggressive Eyelid Day

15. Sad Ear Day

16. Terrified Sternum Day

17. Perspicacious Armpit Day


Unknown said...

:Pissed-Off Phalanges day
:Stinky Spleen day
:Punishing Liver day (also known as Friday, Happy Day, or "Dear-God-I-want-to-forget-everything -about-my-self-so-I-can-have-a-breif-moment-of-happiness Day"

Deeb said...

Mortified Prostate Day
Socially-Damning Cyst Day
Stubborn Toe Day (I know you already used toe, but I couldn't pass the pun)