June 11, 2007

Odd But Valid Ways Others Have Told Me They Loved Me

1. "We have no choice but to let you back into society."

2. "Please stop planting bugs in my apartment."

3. "I'd like a large fries, cheeseburger and a medium Sprite, please."

4. "Okay class, please take your seats."

5. "Holy shit! What are you doing? Where are your pants?!"

6. "Mooooo..."

7. "No! No! I'll be alright... just back your car off my legs."

8. "Dear occupant"

9. "Go fish."

10. "If you feel that you girlfriend is about to run away from you to the bloke next door, ugly one, but with a huge weenie! That's because you haven't ordered our state-of-the-art penis enlargement pills! Only our remedy can bring your girlfriend back!"

11. "Turn your head and cough."

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