June 22, 2007

Nancy Drew Mysteries That Never Made It To Bookstore Shelves

For various reasons, the following Nancy Drew Mysteries never quite made it all the way to your local bookstore.

1. The Mysterious Trembling Thighs

2. Nancy and the Very Expensive Habit

3. The Ghost of Highly-Regrettable Past Actions

4. The Clue in the Puppy's Small Intestine

5. The Secret of the Golden Shower

6. The Quest for Racial Purity

7. The Frat Party at Creepy Creek

8. The Mystery of the Aching Sphincter

9. The Search for a Fucking Point in Doing This Shit Any More

10. Tag-Team: Nancy Drew the Hardy Boys

11. The Haunted Cock Ring

12. The Case of the Weeping Sores

13. The Snuff Film of the Jade Mask

14. Nancy Unwisely Takes on the Mob

15. Nancy Drew: Assface


ShOI said...

16. Nancy Drew and the Case of Vodka
17. Nancy Drew and the Case of the Secret, Mysterious Clue

Brendon Etter said...

I think your #17 was an actual title...

How about we add:

18. Nancy Drew and the Case of the Mysterious Florida Recount

The only non-fiction title in the series.

(I heard they had Encyclopedia Brown working on that case too.)