June 18, 2007

Rules for the Popular New !Extreme! Sport of Gun Tag

1. All players must have the same kind of gun.

2. Each player gets one (1) bullet.

3. There can be no obstacle within the playing area.

4. The playing area is a flat circle, either indoors or outdoors, no more than ten (10) feet in diameter.

5. With the exception of moving their gun, players are not allowed to move.

6. Play commences on the unison count of three (3) by all players.

7. Once three (3) is reached, players may fire their gun (once) at any other player.

8. Winning player is given two (2) points in the standings. Losing player(s) get one (1) point each.

9. Ties will be resolved with a head-to-head shoot-off.

10. Gun Tag operates by Spirit of the Game (SOTG) self-officiating; disputes must be handled in a consensus manner to avoid any violent attempts at resolution.

11. Cheating is not tolerated; violators may be suspended from league play for two (2) matches after a first offense.


ShOI said...

12. At least five (5) clowns must be standing in the center of the circle before shots are fired.

Brendon Etter said...

That is the Belgian variation on the rules, yes. I still prefer the cleaner American version... call me a patriot.