July 18, 2007

The One Card Trick

The One Card Trick


Setting: Bare stage

(Lights up. Shari enters stage left, Brendon enters stage right - he is holding a single playing card.)

Brendon: Hey, Shari, I just learned a new card trick.

Shari: Yeah?

B: Well, I'm not that good at it yet... need to practice.

S: Sure.

B: So here goes...

S: Oh, you want to do it now?

B: Right, practice... the card trick.

S: Sure, sure, go ahead.

B: Cool.

(moves the playing card from one hand to the other and starts doing pseudo-sleight of hand mannerisms with it, makes a very big show of the whole thing then holds out the card to Shari, face down)

B: Okay!

S: What? Was that the trick?

B: Oh, no, (muttering) what's the next step... the, uh... oh yeah... pick a card, any card!

S: Well... uh...

B: Any card.

S: I heard that. So many choices.

B: Go ahead.

S: (takes the card) There.

B: Okay... go ahead and look at it, but don't show me or tell me what the card is.

S: (does so) Right...

B: Now, hand it back.

(She does so. He does magic-type gestures again and then with great flair holds up the card to her.)

B: Is this your card?

S: No.

B: (crushed) Shit.

S: (with a disbelieving, annoyed sigh) Yes, of course it is!

B: Woo-hoo!

(he celebrates a little, this dies down, realizes she is not impressed, to say the least)

B: I got it to work!

S: Yeah... woo fuckin' hoo...

B: Awesome!

S: So.......... that's... that's the trick then?

B: Yeah.

S: Yeah?

B: Yeah... sort of...

S: What?

B: Ummm... could you loan me twenty dollars?

(she shakes her head and leaves, this is a typical thing he would ask her, he stands there looking after her, then at the card)

B: (calling after her) How about if I do the trick right again?

(he walks after her)

(lights out)


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