July 31, 2007

A Letter of Concern Written to Whom It May Concern Concerning Matters of Great Concern

To Whom It May Concern,

Recent concerns have come to light that concern me greatly. The nature of these concerns is of such concern to me and others with whom I have expressed my concerns that I need to make you aware of both my individual concerns and our collective concerns.

Concerning these concerns, it would be prudent for me to detail the exact nature of them. First, I am concerned that my initial concerns concerning matters of significant concern that I brought to your attention several weeks ago have been unconcernedly overlooked by those under your purview to whom those concerns may have been assigned. Second, my concerns concerning these initial concerns which I am concerned have been slighted or ignored by unconcerned underlings under your concern appear also to have been shuffled aside by you; a development I find to be most disconcertingly concerning.

My peers have also expressed to me their concern that my concerns not being addressed by those who are supposed to be concerned about such concerns - namely you and those under you - does not bode well for any future concerns they may forward to your concern. Our confused conversations concerning such consternating concerns continually concern us.

Please concern yourself with these concerns and the continuing concerns concerning the lack of concern paid our original concerns by your staff and by you. If these concerns are truly not your concern, please forward this to whomever else it may concern.

With Concern,
Brendon Etter

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