July 23, 2007

List of Dirty Words So Dirty Even I Would Never Include Them in a List

Sometimes, concepts get taken too far. My rampant and messy desire to shock and disorient my tender readers leaves carcasses in the wake.

With that in mind, I offer a full list of words and phrases that contain so much filth, so much degradation, so much too-much, that even I won't include them in my writing.

This way, you can rest assured that you'll never encounter their unsettling presence in my writing, and you can read with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will never be offended or shocked.

This is something to which all good writers aspire: the equanimity of comfort, security and utter predictability.

Having said thus, I must warn you, gentle reader, please be careful. The following list is shocking in the extreme.

1. (censored)

2. (censored) the (censored censored)

3. (censored censored) with a (censored)

4. And (censored) me

5. (censored censored)

6. Don't (censored censored)ing (censored) this

7. Well, just (censored)


(This one was so bad, I even had to censor the word "censored" which referred to the actual word. Hence, number eight had to be left blank.)

9. (censored) un(censored)'d

10. (censored censored censored censored) and the (censored censored)

11. Gigglebutt

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