July 18, 2007

Awful Names for Cars

1. Subaru Sporadic

2. Hyundai Bisque

3. Chevrolet Germy

4. Toyota Tonsil

5. Mitsubishi Undiscernable SC


7. Mercedes Mercy Killing

8. Volkswagen Wheeled Vehicle

9. Nissan Berry Crunch

10. Plymouth Plywood DX

11. Cadillac Conspicuous Consumer

12. Dodge Mist

13. Porsche Pooter

14. Diet Honda

15. Yugo Stop

16. LeCar LeCrap

17. Mazda RC Cola

18. Saturn Uranus

19. Rolls Royce Roids


Jim H. said...

A stupid friend of mine once owned a Yugo. He called it the Yugo Nowhere.

Brendon Etter said...

Ohh... sorry I missed that one. Though I like my Yugo name as well.

Anonymous said...

And what about my former car- the Pontiac Lemon?

-Mrs. Bleeet's Director

Deeb said...

I'd like to own a Yugo Eyego or a Yugo Hesheitgos. Or possibly one of these:

20. Ford Fumigator
21. Honda Bukkake (don't Google that)
22. Scion Rectangular Prism
23. Lamborghini Alfredo w/Optional Scallops

Also, anything from the new Volkswagen "Cruelly Fuel-Efficient" line.

Brendon Etter said...

David's back! Hello, David!

Love the Lamborghini Alfredo, but it actually comes with an optional 6.1 Scallops package. It's kinda a whole deal...