July 1, 2007

George W. Bush's Jobs Other than "The Decider" and "The Commander Guy"

1. The Elucidatitor of Stuff and Things

2. The Leadershipper

3. The Deconstitutionalizer

4. The Yammering Finger Puppet

5. The Soul Taker

6. The Idiotrix

7. The Alcoholic-Turned-Assaholic

8. The Cheney Blocker

9. The Religionator Man

10. The Dumb Ass Mutherfuckerer

11. The Hall Monitor Person

12. The Presidentist


ShOI said...

12. The Presidunce
13. The NeoCon-queror
14. Cheney's Hand-Warmer
15. The Brain-Damaged Former Cokehead with a Learning Disability and a Short Temper Who Claims to Hear God's Voice in His Head and Has His Finger on the Red Button
16. A Failure, not a Uniter

Brendon Etter said...

Geez, shoi, there's no reason to be judgmental...

MaddMedic said...

I see you have enough time to judgmental about what you know not. I agree GW is lacking(big time). But I also find that most whom attack with name calling generally don't have a reasonable solution to the problem, other then name calling, which is easy to do is it not?

Brendon Etter said...

Geez, Mom, why are you so concerned about how much time I have? I'm employed, am I not?

I didn't know you knew George personally. Cool.

You're right, of course, Mom. Other than voting for candidates who were (and still are) not George W. Bush, supporting efforts to hold him accountable for numerous "interesting" activities, policies and decisions, I have no "reasonable solution to the problem".

It is important to remember, Mom, that I'm just doing humorous posts here... but I suppose you're correct, unless I am proffering positive solutions, I should just not type out silly lists. There's no reason to poke fun at world leaders. It is a practice without precedence, and I'm sure it will rend the country asunder now that I have shown the world it can be done.