August 2, 2007

Made-Up German Words that Might Best Describe Me if They Were Real and Translated Like I Want Them To Translate

Trust me, I actually have some method here. The really good thing is that I can spell these words however I want. No, I do not now speak, nor have I ever spoken, German.

1. Doomengloomen

2. Kwueuestinsimplun

3. Maluede

4. Komplanistanin

5. Frokkit

6. Vokglichtentunkerren

7. Robottlek

8. Sexporken

9. Gubb

10. Witpist

11. Neinhuenjokkersadductein

12. Ot

13. Solvurkengudwenuugibbuenunamurtenlinen


kauder.welsch said...

nice try, part of these coud really be German, part of it rather sounds like Finnish which is a very nice language in its own right.btw,n wheb do you fill us in on the translations?

Brendon Etter said...

Dear Sardonic,

The joke is... I don't know German at all. I have a friend who speaks Finnish.

Your picture looks angry. Do you want a hug? I'm not a good hugger, but I'll try.

Thanks for the comment. I'll leave the fake translations up to you. Please post away!