August 22, 2007

New Slogans for the Bush Administration

1. You can't spell U.S. without us.

2. Because God said so; that's why!

3. Nice Constitution you got there; shame if something happened to it.

4. I is America!

5. You're under arrest.

6. Boo!

7. Holy. Crap.

8. All that stands between you and Darth Cheney.

9. No questions, please.

10. It's Democracy-Lite!

11. War is peace.

12. Don't make us shock your genitals.

13. Fuck you, America!

14. Hey! Everything's great! Seriously.

15. Oops. Sorry.


Unknown said...

16. Responsibility free, so you have to be!

ShOI said...

I can believe all of these except #15.