August 6, 2007

If You Think I'm Sexy...

If you think I'm sexy...

1. Could you keep it to yourself?

2. You may need glasses.

3. You have lived a sexy-deprived life.

4. I would appreciate it if you would not report me to the authorities for sexy crimes.

5. It could be that you think you, yourself, are sexy, and you're projecting those feelings onto me.

6. I guess I'll just have to live with your impression of me.

7. That's probably better than thinking I'm "sex"... not sure how I'd go about being "sex".

8. Perhaps you're drunk.

9. Could you describe in exactly what way I may be so?

10. Well, you'd be the first in a long line of nobody else.

11. Then I...

and you want my body... ?

12. Huh? What was that? You... you... want my body? Oh... Oh... well, that changes everything, doesn't it? I thought it was more of just a thought on your part; you know, like, you just thought I was or could possibly be sexy, as you put it. I didn't realize that there was actual physical lust involved. So... I guess... I guess uhhh... you know, forget all that stuff I wrote up above... ummm... yeah. Do you... do you, like, wanna go somewhere or something?

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