August 31, 2007

How Your Poetry Sucks

Your poetry sucks like...

1. the taut sheening flesh of the unripe apple, which sucks

2. the rumpled waves of quarter moon radio vagaries, which suck

3. the waltz of blood through saffron silken skin, which also sucks

4. something that sucks

5. the vacant choir of children of my heart's refugees, which sucks hardcore

6. a balanced whisper, your lips - my quiver, all three of which suck

7. the suckiest contestant at this year's thirty-event suckathlon

8. an empty vessel, the soldier stares; trust me, this also sucks

9. the truth about gravity and the burgeoning soul pushing back back back; sucks, sucks, sucks

10. vague metaphors and allusions and awkward phrasing and the impulse to punch you in the face for pretending obtuseness is art; it all sucks, because it does

11. you do.

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