August 3, 2007

Could You Describe the Sound Please?

Hard to say where this list came from... an advanced case of synesthesia, perhaps.

1. A voracious screech you could taste.

2. A vibrant thud of brown.

3. Several popping-clicks that equaled the natural log of fifty-three.

4. The slick red vinyl of an underwater whistle.

5. A wave of whispers beating against an acrid puff of smoke.

6. Sumptuously tender, lemony claps of thunder.

7. Metallic rips blinded by wet heat.

8. Beep.

9. Cotton-filled flumps of bitter green.


ShOI said...

That reminds me: what's brown and sounds like a bell? Dung!

Brendon Etter said...

I got a better one: What's brown and smells like shit?


Anonymous said...

1. Screaching tires on host asphalt, it's smoke you can taste.
2. Constpated elephant dung.
3. The constipated mathamatician working it out with a slide rule.
4. Vinyl miniskirt on a drunken chick in a pool.
5. Fart in church.
6. Lightnig strike in a lemon tree grove.
7. Ofice building hit by atomic blast in ocean.
8. You, driving to work.
9. Summer dress stuffed with old onions.
10. The smell of napalm in the morning! As clsoe as W will get to it!