August 18, 2007

Look Out! Behind You! It's... It's...

Pretty creepy, if you ask me. I don't know where we are. Do you? No, I know, it's weird...

Hey, what was that? Did you hear something? Ohh! Oh my God!

Look out! Behind you! It's... It's...

1. Something which poses an immediate threat to your well-being!!

2. A racial stereotype!!

3. An invisible creature!! Trust me!! It's there!!

4. A used condom!!

5. A poorly decorated living room!!

6. An odd smell!!

7. A talking mime!!

8. The color beige!!

9. Stuff and things!!

10. A convenient plot cliché!!

11. Your troubled past!!

12. A talking used condom!!

13. An inability to comprehend your fate!!

14. It's... It's... It's... (etc)

15. Truly delightful, whatever it is!!

16. The entire world!! Everyone's pulling for you, honey!!

17. Me!! I've been behind you the whole time; who else did you think was saying all these things?


Deeb said...

18. Your blind spot!

19. Your blind dog, Spot!

Jim H. said...

20. Some dude
21. Some other dude

Brendon Etter said...

22. A whiff of condescension!!
23. Vapors!!
24. The opposite direction!!