December 9, 2007

Some Thoughts I Have Had Upon Entering the Shower

1. I do so like ham.

2. I think I've been here before.

3. This would be more fun if my shower had the internet... the interwetnet.

4. Ham is very, very tasty.

5. Whoops, should've taken my clothes off first.

6. So glad I put in that mirrored floor, really helps for precision cleaning of the undercarriage.

7. Wait a second, if I shower in my clothes, I can do some laundry and clean up at the same time.

8. I have to find somewhere else to cook supper.

9. Hey, ladies. I'm back.

10. I wish this shower were made out of ham.

11. If I put this in my closet, I can do all my laundry, get clean, and scrub the floor with my soapy feet.

12. I never should have made this shower out of yarn.

13. I have to find somewhere else to store that carcass.

14. Ah crap! Is it lather, rinse, repeat or some other order? Man, if this shower had the internet, I could find the answer on

15. I wonder if anyone makes a ham-based yarn?

16. I have to find somewhere else to house the dairy herd.

17. Why doesn't this shower take American Express any more?

18. Oh, hey, that's where I left my penis.

19. I know, I'll boil a ham in the hot water heater. Then I can have hot ham juice in the shower every day.

20. I have to find somewhere else to cache my weapons; that's the fourth girlfriend the cattle have shot this month.

21. Good thing I brought my compass this time.

22. Why's it always raining in this box?

23. Shit. I really need some ham.

1 comment:

ShOI said...

24. If I fill my hot water heater with ham and soapy water, cut off the top, and dive in, I can live in there for a week and not waste any water by showering.