December 12, 2007

How to Start a War

Step 1. Find a foreign baby.

Step 2. Convince everyone that this baby was recently spotted trying to purchase uranium from a Nigerian maternity ward.

Step 3. Make sure everyone understands that this baby is a massive chemical weapon.

Step 4. Create a document which links the massive chemical weapon's diaper manufacturer to a person who looks like someone who knows someone who may have committed an atrocious terrorist act in your country.

Step 5. Bomb country where the baby lives.

Step 6. Repeat.

Step 7. Win re-election with constant reminders of dangerous babies.

(NB: It may help to draw a sinister mustache on the baby.)


Anonymous said...

i think this is an effective plan
i'll try it at once

i'll go call angelina jolie for one of her kids...

Brendon Etter said...

Why would "lololol" about something as serious as chemical weapon babies?

Are you some sort of heartless terrorist?

I don't even think "Anonymous" is your real name!

Take that, bin Laden!