December 6, 2007

My Prospective Titles for the "Snakes On A Plane" Sequel

It will be tough to top a movie title like "Snakes On A Plane". I mean, think about it... here you have four words which pull multiple duties.

They serve as:
1) The title
2) The plot
3) The script
4) The critical review
5) The ready-made, hotel-room, HBO magazine summation

Without ever having seen the original movie, I will hereby venture to guess at what Hollywood insiders might be toying with for a title for the next "Snakes On A Plane" movie... and, dear God, I hope they make one... so I can not have to see it to know exactly what happens.

1. Snakes On A Plane II: The Resnakening

2. Bigger Snakes On A Bigger Plane

3. Vipers On A Jet

4. Again With The Snakes And The Plane And The Hissing (Jerry Lewis remake)

5. Earthworms On A Cessna

6. Plane Snakes!

7. The Suborder Serpentes Aboard A Commercial Airliner

8. Sssssssss On A Plane

9. High-Flying Herpetological Hijinks

10. The Distressing Yet Astounding Adventures Experienced By The Snake Family Upon Traveling One Day By Aero-plane

11. Boas On A Boeing

12. Snakes On A Plane 2: Again!

13. A Plane With Snakes On It

14. Thank You For Flying With Snake-Filled Airlines

15. Akesnay Onway Away Aneplay (Pig Latin remake)

16. Planes! Snakes! On Them!

17. Caution: Plane May Contain One Or More Snakes

18. Trousersnakes On A Plane (porn remake)

19. Snakes On A Chicken On A Crocodile On A Rhinoceros On A Plane

20. Snakes On Planes? Perhaps...

21. Public Snakes, Private Planes

22. Snakes On A Plane III: Snakes On A Plane, Part 2

23. Snakes With Guns On A Plane

24. Enalp A No Sekans ("Memento" remake)

25. Snakes Near A Plane

26. I Hate Snakes On A Plane (Raiders Of The Lost Ark IV)

27. Snakeplane! The Musical!

28. Snakes On A Plane. SNAKES On A Plane! SNAKES On A PLANE!! SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!

29. Snakes On Two Planes

30. Snakes On A Plane v2.0: Snakier On A Planier

31. Snakes On This Particular Plane

32. Snaaakes.... ona.............. Plane (starring William Shatner)

33. Snaked On A Plane: The Reptile Mile High Die Club

34. Snakes On A Plane, But In Coach Class Only

35. Snakes on The Plane (It's Pronounced 'Thee')

36. Snakes On A Plane, But Not The Same Plane As Before


Circe said...

37. Snakes on a Vertical Plane

38. Snails on a Plane

39. Pigs in Space

40. Glengarry Glen Snakes

41. Snakes on a Bi-plane

42. Snakes on a Shortbus

43. Groupies on a Tourbus - toxic chicks are put on a bus with the group Poison

44. Oh, all right, I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

Any good sequel has to raise the stakes, and expand the dramatic canvas while still articulating the same vision that made the original such a success. In light of these considerations I offer this suggestion: Zoo Animals Are Gunning People Down in the Streets of New York.

Brendon Etter said...

I have only four words for you Laughing at Fellini:

"Uncle! Uncle! Boing! Boing!"

Also would be a great movie title.

Thank you for the insights; now where's my script for our project?