December 13, 2007

How to Be a Drug Dealer

Step 1. Find six or seven babies.

Step 2. Sit babies around table.

Step 3. Take their drink orders.

Step 4. Serve drinks.

Step 5. Shuffle drugs.

Step 6. Deal drugs, one at a time, drug-side down, to each baby.

Step 7. Play begins on the drug dealer's left.

Step 8. Play continues, clockwise, until one baby is all out of drugs.

Step 9. Collect drugs.

Step 10. Shuffle and deal again.

(NB: Can also be played in a sudden-death variation in which the winner is the first to suddenly die. Those who die gradually do not win. Make sure no baby is wearing a wire, as wires pose a strangulation risk for babies. The first round is free.)

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