December 21, 2007

Though I Am Reticent, I Feel That I Must Now Sex You In Some Manner. How About...

1. Like burnt honey on the crumbly, dry toasted end-piece of infinite pleasure?

2. Like a hydraulic drill press that is stuck in the "on" position?

3. Like a train that keeps going into the tunnel, then backing up, and then going into the same damn tunnel again, and then backing up, and never really, you know, getting anywhere?

4. Like a sparkler held aloft by a little girl on the Fourth of July and waved around, and... hey! Stop focusing on the little girl part of the metaphor alright. That's not what I meant! It could be a little boy or a dog or... ahhh, knock it off! You're twisting my words! It's a metaphor, that's all, mainly the sparkler part... maybe without the actual white hot flame, but more of the idea of a figurative white hot flame. Like that?

5. Like a flesh-eating virus that gets inside you and just eats you all up, because it loves you so much?

6. Like a tube of toothpaste that is actually shaped more like a penis and instead of toothpaste is filled with semen and also happens to be attached to my groin?

7. Like a vaginal tornado, or, at least, a strong, sub-uterine, low pressure system?

8. Like a cherry bomb without the resulting tissue damage?

9. Like the warm wool sock of satisfaction?

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