December 11, 2007

How to Pop a Zit

Step 1. Find zit.

Step 2. Insert air nozzle into zit.

Step 3. Pump the pump.

Step 4. Once zit has reached 35 psi, stop pumping the pump.

Step 5. Remove air nozzle.

Step 6. Find baby.

Step 7. Sharpen baby to a fine, needle-like point.

Step 8. Throw sharp end of baby at inflated zit.

Step 9. Wash baby and zit blast zone.

(NB: Zits can be found on skin - yours or someone else's. Sharp babies may cause injury; wear safety goggles.)

1 comment:

Jim H. said...

"Zit Blast Zone" was a British punk band. Their only big hit was "Stud Nose" in about 1991.