December 25, 2007

The Names of the Innocent (A Complete List)

1. Ted and Joan Immaculate

2. Acton B. Righteous

3. Stacy the Licit

4. Humphrey N. Clear

5. Reginald of Virginal-upon-Pure

6. Brad Notguilty

7. Catherine the Upstanding

8. Frank Inculpable, Jr.

9. Prince Tetmar of Irreproachablistan

10. Stainless Jane

11. Betsy Neatybutt

12. Bob the Unoffensive

13. Sir Petridge Standiforth Horatio Faultless, OBE

14. Ms. Abigail Oft-Decorous


Anonymous said...

Your Favorite Wife

Brendon Etter said...

Whoa, step back there dearie, you know as well as I do that your attorney has advised you to not comment in public. Let's wait until the case goes to jury.