December 6, 2007

More Pick-Up Lines: Male to Female

1. Pardon me, are you going to be using that vagina?

2. Hey, I couldn't help but notice that you're female, and... well, you're female.

3. I'm going to have you arrested for willful incitement of masturbation.

4. If you were dying of a horrible disease, I would punch that disease right in the face.

5. Which term do you find more offensive: 'bitch' or 'womanwhoisgoingtogivemeahandjobinthebathroomrightnow'?

6. Your breasts are so amazing! I just want to cut them off and display them in my den!

7. When our eyes met across this crowded room, I couldn't help but wonder where am I, and who are all these people, and who the fuck are you anyway, and why were you staring at me? Answer me! Answer me now, damnit!!

8. I think you're proof that looks aren't important. I'll fuck just about anything.

9. My ex-wife used to say that I was crude and self-centered, which is not true at all; I also have a huge cock that you are going to suck for me.

10. I'll bet it would be so much better to have sex with you than all those mannequins in my basement.

11. I have a theory about your genitals, but I'll need to do some extensive testing before I make any conclusions.

12. Nice uterus!


Anonymous said...

1. My wife's first reaction was: "Thank God you, at least, don't go public with such things."

2. You should do a list of new Facebook applications. The one I thought of was: "Which Disney Princess Do You Want to Fuck?"

3. My wife's second reaction was: "Stop reading Brendon's blog!!!!"

Brendon Etter said...

May Be Rob,

I think I need to do a list about your wife; so, to that end, maybe I need to start spending more time with her.

Why don't you ask her if she's free at all this weekend. Sound good?

What's a Facebook application? I try to avoid the site, as a general rule.

ShOI said...

I agree with a guy who may be named Rob: you could make some killer Facebook apps. I finally joined Facebook about a month ago and I wouldn't say it's been a complete waste of time, but I've been disappointed with the variety/quality of most apps.

Brendon Etter said...

So a Facebook app is what most people would term a document?

So confused...