May 4, 2007

Pick-Up Lines You May Find Useful

1. I wish your name was the same as my e-mail account, then I'd know exactly how to log-in to you.

2. You can't spell "no emu day" without "you and me".

3. I've had sex with tons of people I barely knew; would you like to be part of that group?

4. My heart only has four chambers, but I'd like to add another one big enough for you to fit inside.

5. You're prettier than the prettiest sunset on the prettiest cold sore.

6. Your features compare favorably to those of several other items I currently hold in high esteem.

7. If you act now, you can have sex with me for three easy installments of $19.95 each, plus tax.

8. You're so hot! I bet you'd be hot even if you were dead!

9. Do you come here often? (If "yes", then ask "How often?"; "With whom?"; "For what purpose?"; "What is your average length of stay?"; and "Can you say all that again, speaking directly into this recording device?")

10. I'm not a porn star, but I play one in porn movies.

11. Hi, mom.

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