May 27, 2007

The Names of Colors That, as of This Writing, Do Not Exist

1. Freebert

2. Sipple

3. Whiskeybutter

4. Nurhon (name of a man who lives in Oklahoma, he does not take kindly to being confused with a color)

5. Lavenge

6. Purple, Jr.

7. Fourteen (actually a number, not a color)

8. Redrum

9. Chunkit

10. Orange v0.9.1 (lot of bugs, still in development)

11. Falalagalalia

12. Qhacktion

13. Internet (turns out it a series of tubes, not a color)

14. Turxanzity

15. Satan (not another shade of tan as originally theorized by color scientists in 1915)

16. Very Berry White

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