May 2, 2007

Notes On Punching Up The Bible

1. Change snake to clever velociraptor.

2. Chase scenes!

3. Reduce number of eternal questions to one or two, max.

4. Show, don't tell.

5. Break down fourth wall.

6. Some tasteful nudity (preferably female).

7. Lose the flood. Not very believable.

8. Add rave scene.

9. Less begatting, more tense courtroom drama.

10. Jesus is a by-the-book rookie cop; Judas plays by his own rules - also, one week from retirement. Pair them up.

11. Surprising twist ending.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!! I'm glad you're writing again.

Circe said...

You forgot: Jesus changes water into Vodka and mixes up a killer martini.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I had a martini tonight, but Jesus had very to do with it or its consumption.

Welcome back to the blogging world. that I have so thoughtlessly abandoned.