May 29, 2007

Assorted Rental Businesses That Never Made It Very Far

1. Rent-A-Condom

2. Rent-A-Clue

3. Rent-A-God (still a couple branches open in Hollywood)

4. Rent Renters, Inc.

5. Digestion-4-Rent

6. Rent-A-Suicidal-Clown (supply quickly dried up)

7. Pararsite-2-Rent

8. Thought Renters, Ltd.

9. Rent-A-Hoe (initially very popular among travelling businessmen, now only used by gardeners and the occasional hoe-murderer)

10. Rental Arson, Co.

11. Rent-A-Mongoose (not as domestic an animal as expected)

12. Renter The Dragon

13. Rent-A-Universe (not enough variety in the selection, did not fit in truck to get it home)

14. Rent-A-Sunder

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