May 11, 2007

Articles Being Considered for Publication in This Month's Cosmopolitan

1. 14 Hot Tips for Hot Sex

2. Our Sexiest Sex Quiz Ever

3. Cosmo Cares: A Portrait of Anorexia

4. 25 Wild Ways to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed

5. Sex: What You Should Be Having Nonstop

6. New Positions to Drive Your Man Crazy in Bed

7. The Secret to Living Forever (Hint: It Involves Sex!)

8. Zuchini vs. Cucumber: You Can Also Eat Them

9. How to Endlessly Pursue (and Have Sex with) the Man of Your Dreams

10. Our Wildest Sexiest Sex Quiz Ever

11. Techniques to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed

12. Sex and Men: Is There a Link?

13. Techniques to Drive Your Man Wild near Bed

14. Are You a Sex Addict? Take Our Sexiest Sexy Sex Quiz and Find Out!

15. Techniques to Drive Your Man Wild in Any Given Bed

16. Buy All Our Advertisers' Products to Disguise the Fact That You Are a Disgusting Pig Who Doesn't Deserve to Have Hot Sex with Hot Men

17. Sex: It's Not as Important as Hot Sex

18. Darfur: International Crisis and Big Sexual Turnoff

19. Six Sexy Outfits for Sexy Sex

20. The Big O: The Perfect Orgasm and Why You Must Have It Now

21. Bulimia and Masturbation and Other Sexy Ways to Give Yourself the Finger

22. 33 Exotic Locations for Exotic Sex

23. Make Up: You Probably Need More for Super Hot Sex

24. Anosexia!

25. Our Culture's Fascination With Sex: A Look at What Drives Us (and What Drives Us Wild!)

26. Your Man Is Most Likely Not Good Enough

27. Are You Having Enough Sex: Take Our Sexy Sex Quiz and Find Out

28. Your Body Could Always Be Hotter

29. Inner Beauty and Other Myths

30. Breast Bet: Buying Your Daughter a Healthy Self Image

31. Are You Hypnotically Focused on Sex? Why Not, Damn You!?


Unknown said...

What, no "Sixty Sexy Sextants"? Also "Sextuplets: Not what we thought - can you come down and bail us out?"

ShOI said...

Or "Sexagenarians: also not what we thought... Ew..."

ShOI said...

By the way, I was literally laughing out loud at most of these. Keep up the good work!

Brendon Etter said...

Woo-hoo! Comments! And funny comments, too!

Keep up the laughy stuff everybody...

Nothing more important than the laughiness.