March 1, 2007

A Play A Day #322



Setting: Street corner. Not a nice one.

(Edgy leans against a wall, doing nothing, after a while Wee enters, she walks timidly, Edgy watches her, she doesn't notice him, until...)

Edgy: Hey! Girl.

Wee: (startled, seeing Edgy) Huh?

E: Walk like that, you get picked up.

W: I... uhhh...

E: Not a nice kinda picked up either... like jacked... taken.

W: I'm lost.

E: Never! Say that.

W: Wha...?

E: You know me?

W: N... no.

E: No, you don't. You want to know me?

W: I... I'm sorry...

E: You might be. Maybe I'm gonna take you.

W: No... I'm lost... I...

E: Again, don't!

W: Yes. I... I won't.

E: Shit. I knew you were lost anyway.

W: Can you help me?

E: You know me?

W: No... please, sir, I...

E: (quickly grabbing her wrist) You know how many women I've killed?

W: Please! Don't...

E: You don't know anything... come out here, middle of the night, wandering, worst... you look lost, and you even admit it to a complete stranger, a guy who leans against dead walls on dead street corners under dying lights... (pulling her very close, slowly spitting the words into her face now) Who am I?

W: Please...

E: How many times you want to get raped tonight?

W: (crying) No... no...

E: Where should I leave your naked body when I'm done?

W: (a constant stream of nonsense syllables escape throught the tears) Arrr... nuuuu.... guuuhhhh....

E: That's what you want me to ask? Is it?

W: Noooooo....

E: Then why are you here, if not to deliver me your sweet, soft life?

W: Noooo.... please, please...

E: I'm asking you: how do you want to die?

W: (breathlessly, panicked) Puuhh... p... puh... peacefully... in my old age...

E: (pulling her hair back hard, nose to nose with her) Bitch!!

W: (quickly, loudly) With you by my side!! With you!!

E: (softening slowly, releasing her) Your parents make it back alright?

W: Yeah. They're at the Sentinel Suites. Two doors down from your folks.

E: We better get home.

W: That was incredible... that's almost exactly how we met!

E: Pretty much word-for-word.

W: You have a certain way of grabbing my wrist... still makes me so hot.

E: Let's save it for tomorrow night, after the ceremony.

W: (walking off with E) Was that really three years ago?

E: More than.

W: Wow...

(exit, lights fade)


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