March 3, 2007

A Play A Day #324



Setting: Top of a large sledding hill.

(Lights up, enter Dale and Riah, in winter gear, with a a nice wooden tobaggen)

Dale: Here we are, honey!

Riah: Wow, Daddy, this is a big hill!

Dale: So many good memories of sledding here when I was a kid. This is going to be great fun; let's go!

Riah: Yeah!

(they get in the tobaggen, push off, lights out)

Both: Wheee!!!

(lights up, Dale is pulling Riah "up" to the top of the hill. A couple steps should suffice for this)

Dale: (breathing hard) Again, sweetie?

Riah: Yeah!!

(in tobaggen, push off, lights out)

Riah: Wheeee!

Dale: (at the same time) Ahhhhh!

(Lights up, walking back up the hill, Dale is laboring under the strain)

Riah: Again! Again! Again! Again! Again!

Dale: (face flushed, straining for breath) O.... kay.

(in tobaggen, push off, lights out)

Riah: Wheeee!!

Dale: (after her this time) Uhhhhhh....

(lights up, walking up hill, Dale is moving very, very slowly, loudly gasping for air)

Riah: Again! Again, Daddy!

Dale: (something starts going very wrong) Ohhh... (grabs his chest, collapses)

(quickly enter Thug1, Thug2 and Thug3)

Thug1: Get his snowpants off!

(They remove Dale's snowpants)

Riah: Stop!!

Thug1: (brandishing a knife) Shut up, little girl, or I'll cut ya!

(Riah whimpers throughout)

Thug2: (holding up Dale's wallet) Check it out, man! This guy's loaded!

Thug3: Yeah, always go for the guy with the fancy sled.

Thug1: I knew he'd drop fast.

Thug2: Hey, what about the little girl?

Thug1: We gotta take her; she's seen too much.

(Thug3 picks up Riah)

Thug3: Can't have you squealin', little piggie!

(they start exiting)

Thug2: Sledding is a dangerous sport.

Thug1: Especially for others.

(they laugh and banter as they hustle off stage)

(lights fade to spot on Dale, he promptly stands up, smiling)

Dale: (getting into the tobaggen) Perfect! Now, I don't have to pull her up the hill anymore. Sledding... just like when I was a kid.

(Dale pushes off, lights out)

Dale: Wheeee!!!


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