March 26, 2007

A Play A Day #346

Rememb... uhhhh


Setting: Ben's apartment

(lights up, pallor of televison light splashing across Ben and Lyle's faces, they are seated on the floor next to each other, playing video games)

Ben: Shit...

Lyle: Nice move.

Ben: Yeah... I got you though...

Lyle: (distracted from the video game, but still playing) Hey, Ben?

Ben: Yeah?

Lyle: Weren't we just doing something else?

Ben: What do you mean?

Lyle: We're playing video games, but...

(pause, video game playing continues throughout)

Ben: Yeah?


Lyle: Wasn't there...


Ben: Something else, you mean?

Lyle: We were playing video games, and there was something else.

Ben: Just playing video games, Lyle.

Lyle: Yeah, but something else?

Ben: No.


Lyle: Playing... but there was... wasn't there something else?

Ben: (a little annoyed) No, man. Just play.

Lyle: I'm playing. What else were we doing though?

Ben: Just this game, Lyle.

Lyle: Yeah, this game, and something else. I know we were doing something else.

Ben: Nothing else, Lyle.

Lyle: This is really going to bug me; because I mean, I know there was something else that we were doing.

Ben: (picking up a joint, taking a hit) Here, just take a hit, maybe that'll spark your memory.

(recognition flashes over Lyle as he is handed the joint from Ben)

Lyle: (putting down video game contoller, taking the joint) Oh, yeah! This is it! (takes a hit) We were getting high.

Ben: Duh.

Lyle: (taking another long, slow hit, then contemplating) Hey, Ben?

Ben: Yeah?

Lyle: Weren't we doing something else?

Ben: (frustrated sigh) No, man.

Lyle: Just getting high?

Ben: Just getting high and playing video games, Lyle. That's all.

Lyle: (putting down the joint, picking up the controller) Ohhhh, yeah... video games.

(lights fade out)


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