March 18, 2007

A Play A Day #338



Setting: Work

(lights up, Underling stands center stage, enter Administrator, he looks at Underling then gets upset)

Administrator: Get to work!

Underling: Yes sir, Administrator!

(Underling does a small dance, Adminstrator watches for a while, smiles to himself, then leaves, Underling stops dancing)

Underling: Thank God for Administrator! If it weren't for his guidance, I would get nothing done.

(Administrator re-enters, frowns, then shouts)

Administrator: Damnit, you! I said work!

Underling: Right away!

(Underling starts dancing)

Administrator: And keep working even if I'm not watching you all the time!

Underling: Certainly!

Administrator: Do you hear me?!

Underling: Yes, sir!

Administrator: I am the Administrator!

Underling: Yes, you are. It's great!

Administrator: I am going to leave now, and you will keep working like this.

Underling: Of course I will!

(Administrator leaves, Underling stops dancing)

Underling: Supervision is the inspiration for all I do. Why, without being watched over by the Administrator, I would not work at all.

(Administrator re-enters)

Administrator: Did you get my message, Underling?

Underling: No.

Administrator: It advised you to keep working in a manner consistent with past efforts, but in line with increasing overall efficiences to maximize returns for the organization.

Underling: Like this, sir?

(Underling starts dancing)

Administrator: Yes, that must be it.

Underling: You don't sound too sure about that, sir.

Administrator: No. I'm not.

Underling: Why not, sir?

Administrator: I don't actually know what you're doing.

Underling: I'm working, sir.

Administrator: Working?

Underling: As you have demanded, sir.

Administrator: Of... of course... but... but...

Underling: Yes, sir?

Administrator: Can you show me how to work, Underling?

Underling: No, sir. I cannot.

Administrator: Why not?

Underling: If I showed you how to work, that would make me the Administrator.

Administrator: So?

Underling: Which means I would forget how to work.

Administrator: So?

Underling: Which means I would be you.

Administrator: Yes, so?

Underling: And you are one sorry piece of work.

Adminstrator: But can't we try it?

Underling: No, sir, it would never work that way.

(lights out)


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