March 5, 2007

A Play A Day #326

Those Weren't The Days


Setting: Two chairs, Everett sits with his head back, he is in an almost-dreamy, happy state. Seth is leaning forward, head in his hands.

(Lights up)

Everett: Those were the days, huh, Seth?

Seth: No, they weren't.

E: (not paying attention to Seth) Yeah....

S: Nooo...

E: Just you and me...

S: You.

E: Drinking and chasing girls.

S: Vomiting.

E: The sex, man, the sex, huh, Seth?

S: The pathetic groping...

E: So many women...

S: ...or the pathetic begging?

E: Each one hotter...

S: ...more infected...

E: ...than the rest.

S: ...than the rats.

E: Hard to believe, huh, buddy?

S: Very hard.

E: Just a regular guy like me.

S: A trust-funded deadbeat.

E: Can have come so far...

S: Away from decency and honor.

E: ...that I can't even see where I started...

S: Because your past wouldn't want to claim you...

E: ...anymore.

S: less.

E: Ahhh, who needed them all?

S: Those people with redeemable qualities?

E: They drag down the free spirit...

S: The cheap soul...

E: ...of a maverick like me.

S: ...of a fucked-up pretender like you.

E: Now, look at us!

S: From far away.

E: Me!

S: You!

E: The risk-taker...

S: The shit-maker...

E: The Romantic...

S: The Narcotic...

E: The Dreamer...

S: The Drunk...

E: The traveller...

S: The lost...

E: And the travels...

S: And the loser...

E: The man with a mission...

S: That he can never put his finger on.

E: Just you and me, all these years.

S: Just you.

E: What next, huh?

S: I don't exist.

E: It boggles the mind.

S: Of those who have minds to boggle.

E: Buddies.

S: I'm not real.

E: Best friends.

S: You made me up in grade school.

E: Inseperable.

S: And, now, even I'm leaving.

E: What men need.

S: Too sick, too sad, too worthless.

E: A permanent pal.

S: Goodbye, Everett.

(starts exiting)

E: Someone to count on.

S: Count me out.

E: We're all we need.

S: Don't think of me, please.

E: Yeah.

(pause, Everett looks around)

E: Hey, pal? Buddy?

(lights out)


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