March 17, 2007

A Play A Day #337

Chewy Center


Setting: Somewhere, out there.

(lights up, Ono and Ana, center stage, back to back, heads lolling against each other, dreamy, softly, sensuously)

Ono: Mmmmm.

Ana: Oooooo.

Ono: Ahhhhh.

Ana: Nnnnnn.

Ono: Hiii, there.

Ana: I'm Ana.

Ono: And so is she.

Ana: Dreaming.

Ono: Life.

Ana: Never awake.

Ono: Always free.

Ana: Anything.

Ono: Anything.

Ana: In sleep, there's lust.

Ono: Freedom.

Ana: Lust.

Ono: Song.

Ana: Sex.

Ono: Art.

Ana: And sexy, sexy lust.

Ono: Some people

Ana: stay awake

Ono: and do

Ana: all day

Ono: every day.

Ana: Some people

Ono: never dream.

Ana: Some people

Ono: bad people

Ana: some people

Ono: live life

Ana: as if

Ono: the chewy center

Ana: doesn't exist.

Ono: Oh my... the chewy center.

Ana: Oh. My.

Ono: It has nothing to do with doing.

Ana: It is just... there.

Ono: Inside.

Ana: Softly, thickly, wet... ly.

Ono: There.

Ana: Inside.

Ono: In sleep.

Ana: In dreams.

Ono: Lest you dare to think that this is metaphor.

Ana: Allusion.

Ono: Symbolic.

Ana: Rhetorical.

Ono: Well, yes.

Ana: It is.

Ono: It is.

Ana: But, it's... so much more

Ono: so much more

Ana: so much more than that.

Ono: It's also about

Ana: about

Ono: also about

Ana: It is also about

Ono: about

Ana: not wanting to do the dishes.

Ono: Ahhhhhhh.

Ana: Ohhhhhhh.

Ono: To dream.

Ana: To dream.

(lights fade out)


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