January 30, 2007

A Play A Day #292

The Catch


Setting: Apartment, floor covered by thousands of eggs.

(We hear a key in the lock, door opens offstage, all lines are delivered from offstage getting progressively closer to the stage)

Lola: Here we are. (laughter)

Greg: Nice place.

Lola: I think so.

Greg: You lived here long?

Lola: Just a couple months, since December.

Greg: No roommates?

Lola: Ohh... I don't need roommates.

Greg: I bet. Just you then?

Lola: Uhh-huh. Just me, a long hallway, nice kitchen, living room, closets.

Greg: Bedroom?

Lola: Plenty. For the right person.

Greg: Really?

Lola: Ohhh yeaah... plenty for the right man.

Greg: Beautiful... seductive... lives alone... there's got to be a catch.

Lola: You're the catch.

Greg: Ahhh...

Lola: Now... catch me...

(more laughter, Lola bursts onto stage crossing upstage of the eggs to a door on the opposite side of the stage, Greg follows, laughing, slams door behind him)

Lola: (from inside bedroom, making seductive sounds) Oooohhhh... welcome to my bed... room... Greg?

(door opens quickly, Greg walks out slowly, slack-jawed, staring at the eggs in disbelief)

Greg: Uhhhh.... ummmmm....

(we see Lola leaning against bedroom doorframe, she has taken off a layer or two)

Lola: Ohhhh... don't pay them any mind, Greg... they're only doing it for the attention. (to the eggs) I can't see you, can't see you... you can yell all you want...

Greg: But... uhhhh...

Lola: (rubbing against Greg's back, moving her hands over his body) Come on, Greg. Time to give you a big tour of a small bedroom.

(she retreats into the bedroom sensuously)

Greg: (shifting attention from the eggs to the bedroom, back and forth several times as the lights fade) Uhhh...

(lights out)


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