January 7, 2007

A Play A Day #269

Waltz Love


Setting: The Ball Room, of course

(A dramatic waltz swells from the speakers, lowering during lines, then snapping to full volume during the dancing, enter waltzing Matilda and Roderick, impeccably dressed and coiffed, they dance all around the stage for a while, eventually she spins away, he pulls her back, standing rigid and face to face)

Roderick: You are as a rainbow; yet I am fraught with gray.

(more dancing, another move away and she snaps him back, rigid, face to face)

Matilda: You sparkle, you glow; I am unmoved.


R: Your beauty quivers my soft flesh; I am lost in waves.


M: Your granite features lighten my head; I, too, quiver, seasick.

(sequence, taking less time)

R: You make the queen seem a pauper; but I discount your charity.

(sequence, again shorter)

M: The king begs from your disburser; yet I charitably countenance your countenance.

(sequence, faster, shorter, meaner)

R: Your scent wafts unbidden; my nostrils and nausea flare.

(sequence, faster still, shorter still, even meaner)

M: Your aroma bestills my heart and distills my bile.

(sequence, extremely fast and angry, though they are still dancing well)

R: Your grace confuses comely with contumely.

(sequence, harsh, bitter)

M: Your steps trod heavy; spirits die underfoot.

(one or two steps, then a harsh snap, nose to nose, long pause, sharp breathing, expressions of fierce pride and loathing)

R: Fornication?

(one or two steps, same pose again, but no pause)

M: I thought you'd never ask.

(waltz swells, they get in full dance posture, hold, then snap out of it and dash offstage quickly with Roderick trying to spank Matilda, she giggles with delight, he laughs with lust)

(lights out)


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