January 16, 2007

A Play A Day #278

Tropical Depression


Setting: A hospital room.

(Lights up, Donna talking to Nina, both sitting on a hospital bed.)

Donna: You didn't need to, really.

Nina: Donna, I'm your friend; this is what friends do.

D: I know.

N: I had to be here.

D: Thank you.

N: I couldn't miss this.

D: It means a lot to me, after everything and...

N: I know.

D: I wasn't...

N: I know.

D: I didn't expect anyone to visit.

N: Why not?

D: Well, I've been a complete recluse for the past four months, Nina...

N: Ohh... don't worry...

D: I didn't even answer my phone for the last three weeks...

N: You were in a dark place; what could you do?

D: I could have reached out... to people, to my friends... that might have worked.

N: (hugging her close) It might have helped, but you don't know.

D: It would have helped, such great friends. I didn't talk to you or Trish or Kat.

N: Shhhhh... don't worry about that now.

D: I probably wouldn't be here if I had...

N: You need to be here.

D: I don't know how it happened, that's the scary thing. Four months ago, I was fine, a little glum, Bobby had left, but, you know, I was there... I was okay.

N: Yeah, you were, we went to Dorinda's Palace for that show.

D: (laughs) Ohh God, I had blocked that from my mind.

N: Mmmmm... not me... (laughs) Some of those men... grrrr...

D: Yeah, I suppose, but then I just dropped off the...

N: Almost as cute as the two spa boys I saw coming in here.

D: Yeah?

N: Ohhhh, Donna, I was a little weak for a while.

D: Where'd you see these guys?

N: Out by the pool, just as I was parking the car.

D: Where'd you park?

N: Right outside the front doors.

D: But... did you... pool?

N: That was some very fine flesh, looked like fun for us, if we play our cards right.

D: Play what? Nina, what pool?

N: The one right near the entrance. Huge thing.

D: I... I never saw a pool.

N: Oh, it's there...this is one amazing place they bring you.

D: Yeah... uhhh... it's nice... but...

N: Almost makes me wish I tried to kill myself! (laughs, then realizes she shouldn't have said that) Oops, sorry, Sweetie, that was a stupid thing to say, I'm sorry.

D: It's okay... I just...

N: I'm just so impressed that they sent you here... (motions toward the window) I mean you have the ocean right outside, the palm trees swaying, smell that warm salt air...

D: Uhhh... Nina?

N: So nice of them to let me stay with you even if it's only for a few days, but I figured, hey, she's my best friend, I'll take the time off work, buy the plane ticket and see the sites. So, here we are!

D: Nina?

N: It's just fabulous. I've never been to Florida before, especially not a place like the Keys. So warm.

D: Nina! It's Muncie! It's February! What are you...

N: So, you've got, what, therapy in the morning? And then... shopping!!

D: Nina! Stop!

N: We are going to have so much fun! A little retail therapy, margaritas in the sand, with the spa boys!

D: I'm here until they release me! It's a state facility. I'm a danger to myself!

N: Don't worry, Donna. I'll talk to some people, we'll cure this thing, girlfriend-to-girlfriend...

(lights start fading)

D: No, Nina... This isn't funny!

N: Ice cream, massages, new lingerie, some Sex-on-the-Beaches and sex, on the beaches...

(lights out)


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