January 18, 2007

A Play A Day #280



Setting: A................. bare stage.

(Lights up, Bip and Flip facing each about two feet apart, they stand, impassive for quite a while)

Bip: Go.

(motionless some more, Flip is clearly thinking what to say, finally)

Flip: What?

(more standing, long, long pause)

Bip: Now.


Flip: Wait.


Bip: Flip?

Flip: (nodding) Bip?

Bip: (nopping) Yes?


Flip: What's this game called again?

Bip: Peace.

Flip: Right.

(long pause)

Bip: I'm winning.

Flip: Are you?

Bip: Oh, yeah.

Flip: Crap.

(long pause)

Bip: Way ahead.

Flip: Damn.

(long pause)

Bip: It's your turn.

Flip: Oh.

(long pause)

Bip: Good move.

Flip: Ummm... Bip?

Bip: Yeah?

Flip: When does the game end?

Bip: As soon as one of us wins.

Flip: Right.

(long pause)

Flip: Ummm... Bip?

Bip: Yeah?

Flip: How will we know when one of us has won?

Bip: Hard to say.

(long pause)

Flip: Bip?

Bip: Yeah?

Flip: I don't like this game.

Bip: You sure?

Flip: Yeah.

Bip: That's weird.

Flip: Why?


(Bip quickly decks Flip with a crushing right hook to the jaw, Flip collapses to the ground)

Bip: Because you just won.

(Flip slowly struggles to his feet shaking his jaw, back into position)

Flip: I won?

Bip: Yep.

Flip: Awesome! Let's play again!


Bip: You kidding? I'm exhausted.

(Bip walks off, Flip stands there rubbing his jaw as lights fade)


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